The Complete 360° Fashion Suite

MySize 360° Fashion Suite offers tools that optimize the entire funnel j– from the retailer to the consumer


the Shopper best friend!

The MySizeID consumer app offers online shoppers the reassurance they’ve been looking for.

Gone are the days of hesitation, abandoned shopping carts and dealing with disappointing returns – after customers measure themselves once with MySizeID and create their unique sizing ID, they’ll receive accurate size suggestions in every online shop that offers MySizeID.

MySize’s patented algorithms analyze each customer’s personal measurements and cross-references them with various retailers’ size charts in order to give the most accurate size for each brand. Why is this so important? Because one brand’s Small is another brand’s Medium, and there is no such thing as a universal size. 

When customers shop without hesitation, knowing they’ll easily buy the right size, retailers can expect the MySizeID “happy shopping experience” ripple effect: 


  • Less abandoned shopping carts 
  • Reduced returns due to wrong sizes 
  • Increase in sales & customer loyalty 
  • Better insight on actual customer sizes 
  • Optimized inventory management 
  • Extended customer lifetime value 
  • Growth in sales and overall revenue (no return shipments costs)   


QSize (גודל הכותרת) 

Smart Quality Assurance (גודל כותרת משנה) 


QSize is the must-have quality control app for the fashion and apparel industry. (גודל כותרת שלישית) 

With today’s available technologies, why live in a manual world? Tape measures can be misread, manual data entry is prone to human error, and the more steps it takes to measures and log every piece – the higher the chances that something could go wrong… With the QSize app, measurements are taken and logged in one swift movement. 

QSize uses MySize’s measuring technology to verify that garments are accurately cut and aligned with the original design guidelines. Using it helps designers and manufacturers avoid human error that often results from manual data entry, making sure that every item shipped out is top quality.   


QSize is the easily accessible smartphone app that every production line needs: 

* Measures garments for quality control during production 

* Stores data for future use, to be used for comparison or as a benchmark 

* Assists fashion designers and manufacturers throughout production 


QSize is available on the iOS AppStore 


MySize Dashboard (צריך להיות בגודל של הכותרת) 

Easy Management (צריך להיות בגודל של כותרת המשנה)


New product line launching soonAdding a new category? No problem!  (גודל כותרת שלישית)

New sizing charts can be easily added through the MySizeID dashboard. 

 The user-friendly web-based dashboard is used to manage the retailer’s sizing charts and the website widget, which allows retailers to offer their customers an enhanced shopping experience through the MySizeID app. 
Retailers use the dashboard to gain access to their website widget, easily add it to their online stores, and customize their logo and control their visibility within the MySizeID consumer app. 

All sizing charts are easily uploaded to, and managed from, one single dashboard. 

Managing online items has never been easier.  




Measure length and width of a plane

Capture and save your measurements

Measure in metric (cm) or imperial (inch) units

High Level of accuracy, within 2 cm (up to 1 meter)

* Note: Mobile device must contain acceleromter and gyro sensor


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