A smart tape measure in the palm of your hand

Measure anything with your smartphone!


A Must-have utility app for any smartphone!

The SizeUp App is based on technology developed by MySize Inc. This revolutionary patent-pending
algorithms that utilize Smartphone sensors to accurately measure anything from
everyday objects to body measurements.





* Note: Mobile device must contain acceleromter and gyro sensor


Measure length and width of a plane

Capture and save your measurements

Measure in metric (cm) or imperial (inch) units

High Level of accuracy, within 2 cm (up to 3 meter)

How it Works?



What's SizeUp? Sound's cool images

Size UP is a smart tape measure in the palm of your hand. No need for tape measure anymore- SizeUp lets you measure flat surfaces simply by moving your smartphone across an object.

What type of surfaces can I measure? images

SizeUp supports straight-line measurement over any surface!
You can measure both vertically and horizontally. You can measure objects while holding your phone in either landscape or portrait position.

When using SizeUp, how can I get the most accurate measurement? images

It’s really simple! Just Follow these instructions (WE ALSO HAVE A QUICK TUTORIAL VIDEO IN THE APP, WE RECOMMEND TO WATCH IT)

1. hold your smartphone
2. Place the Smartphone on the surface you want to measure. The smartphone must be fully stopped at the beginning and the end of the measurement
3. Click on “start measuring”
4. Move your phone quickly and smoothly without stopping to the end of the surface you want to measure

*** Your smartphone is part of the measurement ***

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