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personalize your customer’s shopping experience to their size. Increase revenue and gain data. all in one stop shop MySize fashion solution 


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It’s a known fact: 80% of returns are size related. MySizeID solves it!

After customers measure themselves with MySizeID and create their unique sizing ID, they’ll receive accurate size suggestions. How does it works?

MySize’s patented algorithms analyze each customer’s personal measurements and cross-references them with various retailers’ size charts in order to give the most accurate size for each brand. 

One brand’s small is another brand’s medium, and there is no such thing as a universal size. 

This is why we don’t ask your shopper their size, we tell them their size. 

After pilots with big brands we know what works, we know your shoppers. 

When customers shop with MySizeID, retailers can expect a ripple effect: Fewer abandoned shopping carts, reduced returns due to wrong sizes, increased sales & customer loyalty.



With the QSize app, measurements are taken and registered in one swift movement.

QSize uses MySize’s measuring technology to verify that garments are accurately cut and aligned with the original design guidelines. This helps designers and manufacturers avoid human error that often results from manual data entry, ensuring that every item shipped out is top quality.



Use MyDash a user-friendly web-based dashboard to manage your sizing charts and MySizeID website widget. Easily add new sizing charts, customize your logo and control your shop visibility within the MySizeID app. 

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